The event (October 11th to 15th)

In 2019, researchers on social insects from various regions of Brazil started planning the V Workshop on Social Insects. The face-to-face meeting had to be postponed, because of the Coronavirus pandemic. With the pandemic out of control in Brazil, the perspective of the face-to-face meeting became unfeasible for any scientific event in the country, reaching not only the IUSSI meeting, but also the mirmecology  (XXV Simpósio de Mirmecologia) and termitolog  (VI Simpósio de Termitologia) Symposiums, both essential events and much awaited by researchers of social insects. With a common problem, the three organizing committees decided to join forces to create an online event that could be as productive and enjoyable as the face-to-face events can be. We are planning a dynamic, rich and accessible event for everyone. We hope that students and researches can make the most of this unprecedented union and make this meeting a historic milestone for the science of social insects in Brazil.

Events History

V Workshop on Social Insects

The International Union for the Study of Social Insects (IUSSI) brings together researchers from around the world with an interest in social insects. In total the IUSSI adds up to 15 sections. IUSSI was founded in Amsterdam in 1951 during an International Entomology Congress and since then, has organized quadrennial conferences in various parts of the world. In the Brazilian regional section (SecBras) of IUSSI, we organized two events in Ribeirão Preto-SP (2013 and 2014), in Rio Claro (2016) and in Poços de Caldas (2017) which were attended by international and brazilian researchers and made possible the reorganization of the Brazilian section. In addition to the regional sessions, IUSSI also has the renowned scientific journal, Insectes Sociaux, which publishes related research results every four months.

XXV Simpósio de Mirmecologia: An International Ant Meeting

The Mirmecology Symposium is a meeting held every two years with the aim of bringing together the scientific community to share the results of their research with ants. The event had its origin in 1980, with the “São Paulo State Myrmecology Meeting”. Throughout its 24 editions, it featured several formats and be hold in different regions of Brazil. Now in its XXV edition, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Mirmecology Symposium will take place remotely. Despite the challenges, we will keep the commitment to once again organize a comprehensive, relaxed and inclusive event, providing discussions of works, presenting the advances in Mirmecology and inspiring new generations of mirmecologists.

VI Termitology Symposium

The Termitology Symposium is a biennial event that brings together researchers and students who work with termites. Its first edition was in 2011, in Anápolis-GO (at UEG), and since then it has traveled through Brasília-DF (2013, at UnB), João Pessoa-PB (2015, at UFPB), Viçosa-MG (2017, at UFV) and São Bernardo do Campo-SP (2019, at UFABC). The VI Symposium on Termitology would take place in Recife-PE (2021, at UFRPE), but due to the current scenario, it joined the other traditional events on social insects in this virtual model, with two well-defined purposes: to provide a pleasant meeting between termitologists (and not termitologists either), guaranteeing interactions, exchanges and collaborations, which are fundamental to science and the basis of all society (we are inspired by social insects); and to guarantee the safety of all, so that we can meet physically at the next symposium.

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