Photo Contest

Objectives: To promote the dissemination of knowledge and the photography of social insects such as ants, bees, termites or wasps.

Deadline: 09/15/2021


1- All photos (Maximum two) must be sent in high resolution, preferably 600 dpi and in tiff format.

2- The photo submitted must be original and authored by the participant.

3- When submitting their photo, the participant authorizes the public view in both the event website and in the photo exhibition.

4- The registration in the photo contest must be done after registration in the congress and the selected photo must be sent to the email until April 1st.

5- The photos can display social insects in the field or the laboratory, without restrictions of magnifiers or equipment.

6- When sending your registration to the contest email, the social insect present in the photo needs to be identified at least at genus level, with the scientific name (full of genus only) written in the body of the email message. Correct identification is the responsibility of the author.

Voting: The 4 best photos will be chosen by vote made by congressmen from 11 to 10/14/2021. Organizers can submit photos, but can not cast votes.

Results: The result will be announced on the last day of the event (10/15/2021), during the coffee break.

Complaints regarding the result of the contest will not be accepted.

Certificates: Certificates for the photo contest will be given to the authors of the 4 most voted photos.

Best Photo Award: The most voted photo will be awarded with a “social insects” t-shirt.

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